Thanks to you, we donate another 24 euros to Menschen für Menschen.


Thank you very much for your support!

The foundation was founded 40 years ago by a spontaneous action of Karlheinz Böhm. In the ZDF programme “Wetten dass…”, Karlheinz Böhm bet that not even every third viewer would donate one D-Mark to fight world hunger. On the same evening, a donation of 1.2 million D-marks was achieved. Even then it became clear: each and every individual can change the world for the better with a contribution, no matter how small.

With the donation we make on your behalf, you support various focal points of our charitable work. For example, Menschen für Menschen supports farmers in making agriculture more productive. In addition, the foundation provides clean drinking water at central locations with hand-pumped wells, spring catchments or entire water supply systems. To promote education across the board, Menschen für Menschen builds and equips modern schools. There are also projects to provide basic health care and develop long-term livelihoods.


You can find more information about Menschen für Menschen here: https://www.menschenfuermenschen.de

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